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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bedtime Stories - Just Press Play

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An Internet service offers to be of help to fathers who are too busy to read bedtime stories to their children in person.

"Hi-tech software records the voice of fathers reading a bedtime story, adds music and sound effects and emails an audio file to the child," explains Sydney's Daily Telegraph.

Relationship experts, however, are skeptical. "Reading involves a whole lot of relationship building," says Dr. Richard Fletcher of a families research program at Newcastle University, Australia.  It involves fathers interacting with their children, cuddling them, and laughing with them. No e-mail can replicate the benefits of physically sitting down and reading to your child, says Fletcher.

Is Dr. Fletcher just a dinosaur and he doesn't 'get' the new ways of communicating? Or, do you see 'advancements' in technical services like this as a potential problem, not just in families, but for society as a whole?

Ok, your turn. Chime in with your thoughts....

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