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Monday, December 26, 2011

Social Business Becomes Your Reality!

Hi Friends!
Ok, the holidays are almost over and while we are having a good time with our loved ones and time away from the office for a few well deserved days of R&R, you and I both are ready to get 2012 started off with a bang!
While we could spend countless hours reading and trying out all kinds of social and mobile access points, with more popping up every day it seems, the truth is - some are dead ends while others do have limitless opportunities - the key is 'IF' they fit your business, will meet your objectives, attract your target connected consumers, and are budget-friendly.
To make sure we cut through the irrelevant and really hit the bullseye, we are pulling the top luminaries and social business authorities in this industry together here in Napa, California, on February 16 & 17, 2012, to answer and sculpt your business strategy once and for all, answering exactly how to grow your business and serve your financial goals, period. No-hype, no-fluff, and no hot-air!



AWESOME LOCATION : The Meritage Resort and Spa http://napa.crushiq.com/location-2/
KILLER AGENDA : http://napa.crushiq.com/agenda/
SWEET VIP EXTRAS : http://napa.crushiq.com/agenda/extras/
MORE FUN THAT SHOULD BE ALLOWED: http://animoto.com/play/xl9KqWdeS37Q0W862dTBSA

We still have a few more speakers coming on, and a number of sponsorships we will be announcing later in January, after the holiday's. This event will sell out!
As organizer of this event, while they last, I'm offering a holiday discount of $400 to everyone who grabs their tix before January 15: TIMCRUSHNAPA - - -  Here's the link to get your tix now: http://crushiqnapa.eventbrite.com/

See you there.