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Monday, December 19, 2011

Online Access from the Womb

English: Sleeping baby boy
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I found this item in the news, and as usual, would be very interested in your thoughts.

In Germany, 7 out of 10 babies already have an online presence. Parents are creating profiles and e-mail addresses for the forthcoming child so they can begin their babies digital 'life' - by filling out their profiles, posting photos, ultrasound images, and other pre-birth information.

Experts there in Germany advise caution, however, as "online photos and information like this can accompany a child for life." - Baby und Familie, Germany

Now, I love babies. Don't spin this the wrong way.

Here is my question to you: With privacy and identity issues already suspect, how in the world can this be a course of wisdom?  I wonder, are these German Mommy bloggers doing this to create a new 'niche' to earn more affiliate dollars, or, is German TV that bad? Do you see this as a growing trend or another example of social addiction spinning out of control?

Ok, that is plenty. Chime in, I'd love your thoughts....

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